Q: What is Apogee?

A: It is a web-based Electronic Treatment Practicesoftware program created by Praxes.

Q: What is it supposed to do?

A: Apogee leads the user through the treatment process with their client from beginning to end. Information populates throughout the process, making it easier for the user to track the client’s progress.

• Evaluation tools to develop client strengths and needs, as well as identify stressors and skills needed to manage or reduce these stressors.
• Suggested interventions which can be used with the client in treatment.
• An extensive Praxes clinical library of sessions, skills, techniques for use with parents, children and/or youths.
• Treatment planning templates, including the service plan, progress plan, outcomes plan, and transition plan.

Q: Who can use it?

A: Any behavioral health practitioner. The CEO, clinical supervisor, clinician, behavior specialist, paraprofessional, and clerk, all can access and use Apogee.

Q: Which type of clients does Apogee work with?

A: Any child from age 5-24, and any adult family member living with them.

Q: What type of set up is required?

A: No set up necessary. The software is ready to use. The training takes about two hours, and a user manual is available.

Q: What if I need help?

A: A customer support link is available to send support tickets. We will respond within 1 business day.

Q: What does Praxes cover in its library?

Praxes sessions cover the following categories:

• Stress Reduction
• Grief andLoss
• AssertiveCommunication
• Support Systems
• Child and YouthDevelopment
• Mental HealthEducation
• CaregiverAdvocacy
• Promoting Positive Behaviors
• Clear Expectations
• SolvingProblems

Q: How is the information stored?

A database exists to enter an organization’s users with controls for access. The database also enters families and their members. We use cloud-based servers for security and privacy.

Q: What does the license for this product purchase?

It offers the user access to the materials, which can be printed out and given to clients. The license can be bought on a month-by-month basis or leased yearly.

Q: What makes this different than other products?

A: Most software for behavioral health is either case management or electronic health records based. Apogee is treatment based, combining assessment, treatment, and transition planning features.