As a practitioner, you want to spend as much time with your clients as possible.  You want the best information and great tools to help you.

Apogee provides this for you with its Electronic Treatment Practice.

With Apogee, you get a:

  • Generator for interventions. Based upon answers you plug into our evaluation about your client, you receive suggested interventions to use with them. These are based upon their beliefs, their stressors, their ability to communicate, and their behaviors.
  • Skill Library. When most agencies provide training, it’s either a one day program plus some supervision.  With Apogee, you receive a comprehensive library of the Praxes model with sessions for Parent, Child, or Youth.  And with each skill you teach to the client, you can choose from multiple examples.
  • Treatment Organizer. When you use the intervention and library sections, your clients responses populate into four treatment functions; a treatment planner, progress note planner, outcomes planner, and transition planner.  No going back and forth to input information; it’s already there.  Or you can change it whenever you want.

With Apogee, you:

  • Reduce your documentation
  • Reduce your preparation time
  • Improve client outcomes