About Us

Based in Westminster, California, Apogee is a division of Praxes. We are a company which provides behavior health consulting, training and software solutions. Apogee is an outgrowth of our Praxes parent, child, and youth treatment practices. Over the years, after hundreds of families successfully reduced their stress and improved their behaviors with the Praxes tools, we took its knowledge and merged it with technology to provide an exemplary product for make your professional life simpler.

Our CEO, Dan Thorne, has over 43 years’ experience in the behavioral health field as an administrator of programs, a clinician, and parent himself of three children with mental health challenges. His vision of developing services which empower families leads us to put every successful tool into Apogee to help your organization be efficient and your clients improve their outcomes.
Apogee provides a web-based treatment practice solution for social service professionals and organizations. Taking the user through each step of the process, from evaluation, creating interventions, skill building for the client, and planning the treatment process, it streamlines the course of care. It gives the professional the tools necessary to reduce their preparation and documentation time, while helping them improve client outcomes. For the organization executive, it offers a valuable resource of clinical information with less training costs and a means to improve staff efficiency.

Although Apogee is a software product, Praxes prides itself on its customer service and support. Each client to us is a valued member of our family, and we work diligently to ensure your satisfaction with Apogee. With more than 80 years of technology, social service, and business experience, we want to take our unique method of treatment practice to its highest level of service. As apogee is defined as “the highest point of development,” we want our product to be the best.