As the leader of your social service agency, you are always looking for ways to help your staff become more efficient, productive and successful. Apogee was decided by behavioral health professionals and executives with over 40 years’experience. They’ve done treatment, documented, learned practices, managed electronic health records, juggling them with all the other duties they have.

Apogee was designed with your organization in mind. Whether you have10 or 100 employees, Apogee is completely scalable. And there’s no set up fee. Your staff has a training about the software and they’re ready to go.

Apogee is not an electronic health record, nor is it a case management software. It is an Electronic Treatment Practice. With it, your staff can:

• Use assessments to help them create interventions to improve client skills.
• Find new interventions throughout treatment.
• Use an emerging practice with the Praxes model for parents, children, and youths.
• Use the treatment organizer functions to write treatment plans, progress notes, create outcomes, and develop a transition plan.

The database allows your staff to enter clients as families, and profiles for your users with different access levels.

Having an Electronic Treatment Practice gives you:

• Less training costs
• Increased productivity
• Increased efficiency